Huawei P8 Lite Japanese Flower Smartfit

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The smartfit is a vinyl-coated adhesive that covers all sides of the mobile. Below are the attributes of the smartfit and the gift case that comes with smartfit.

Features of Smartfit:

  • Thin design of 0,2 mm which maintains and extends the elegance of your smartphone. 
  • Renewal of the look and feel of your smartphone.
  • Protection from stratches on all sides of the device.
  • Leaves no permanent marks after replacement and/or removal.
Transparent TPU Case characteristics:
  • Thickness of 0,5 mm for protection from drops.
  • See through design.
  • Applies above the smartfit, furthering the life-time of the smartfit skin.
  • Built from silicon for an anti-slip and comfortable grip.

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The transparent case and the tempered glass can both perfectly blend with the smartfit product to provide the perfect result.
First apply the tempered glass on your phone screen, then the smartfit and last, the transparent case.
By doing so, you ensure that the beauty of your smartfit can be seen through the protective case while hiding any imperfections the look of the tempered glass may present.

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