Huawei P20 Lite Dragon Stone Smartfit



The smartfit is a vinyl-coated adhesive that covers all sides of the mobile. Below are the attributes of the smartfit.

Features of Smartfit:

  • Thin design of 0,2 mm which maintains and extends the elegance of your smartphone. 
  • Renewal of the look and feel of your smartphone.
  • Protection from stratches on all sides of the device.
  • Leaves no permanent marks after replacement and/or removal.

Do I get my money back if I am not pleased with my smartfit?

-If the product you ordered is damaged or does not meet your standards in any way, we offer you a full refund.

How do I attach a smartfit on my smartphone?

-After you order the smartfit of your choice from our online shop and receive your order, you can watch the video that we have in our how-to page.

Can I apply Smartfit if I have a tempered glass for the screen?

-Of course you can and we recommend it for better protection of your smartphone. Simply apply the Smartfit over the glass and press gently.

Can I reattach my smartfit after removing it?

-Unfortunately, no. Once the smartfit is removed after hours on the smartphone, it cannot be properly attached again.

Does it offer protection?

-The smartfit is designed to protect against scratches and small damages. For extra protection from falling you can pick a silicone case as an extra accessorie on most of our available smartphone models.

Will it leave a mark after it is removed?

-Smartfits are designed to leave no marks upon removal. Your phone will be as good as new!

If the product you ordered is damaged or does not meet your standards in any way, we offer you a full refund. We are proud of our products and we claim full responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Cute and cheap!

I loved the sticks, it fits as if it was a real plastic casing. Now the phone looks so personalized and beautiful. Maybe I'll buy another one if I get tired of that one. It's a low price for me.


I doesn't receive what I want but that was mine fault, the company were very helpful for me

Muy contenta con el producto

Muy buen producto, muy resistente, con un diseño fiel al de la página y muy bonito. Tuve unos pequeños problemas con la dirección de envío y me lo solucionaron enseguida. Estoy muy contenta con la compra.

Easy to Install

Very easy to install. I followed the instructions and now I have a "custom" iPhone!

I love the look on my phone!

I get compliments all the time for the look of my phone! ❤️