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Dark Wood Credit Card Skin


Chip Card Type


Important: This product is not a case but skin, a film that changes the color of your card. Please read the description before purchasing.

The skin is a self-adhesive vinyl lining that coats your bank card and gives it a new look while protecting it from scratches and fingers. They are designed and produced in Greece.


  • Scratch protection.
  • Slim design 0.2 mm so that it does not create any issues in the use of the card.
  • Refresh the appearance of your card.
  • It doesn’t leave any marks after its removal.


Frequent questions

What is the skin?
-The skin is an adhesive film that changes the color of the Bankcard.

How to install the skin on my card?
-After ordering the product, you can see the installation video at the link on the package.

Can I see the details after installing it?
-Only if the full coverage skin is installed, you will not be able to see your data.

Can I place the card at an ATM?
-Of course, it is checked and you can use ATMs without fear.

If I remove the skin, can I put it back on the card?
-Unfortunately, no. Once you remove the skin it can not be repositioned.

Can I make contactless transactions?
--Of course, it is checked and you can complete contactless transactions without any obstacle.

Does it leave marks as soon as I remove it?
-The skins are designed to leave no marks after their removal.

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