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Do I get my money back if I am not pleased with my smartfit?

If the product you ordered is damaged or does not meet your standards in any way, we offer you a full refund.

How do I attach a smartfit on my smartphone?

After you order the smartfit of your choice from our online shop and receive your order, you can watch the video that we have in our how-to page.

Can I apply Smartfit if I have a tempered glass for the screen?

Of course you can and we recommend it for better protection of your smartphone. Simply apply the Smartfit over the glass and press gently.

Can I reattach my smartfit after removing it?

Unfortunately, no. Once the smartfit is removed, it cannot be properly attached again.

Does it offer protection?

The smartfit is designed to protect against scratches and small damages. For extra protection from falling we offer a silicone case for free on most of our available smartphone models.

Will it leave a mark after it is removed?

Smartfits are designed to leave no marks upon removal. Your phone will be as good as new!