Frequent questions

What is skin?
-Skin is a self -adhesive film that changes the color of the mobile and protects it from scratches.

How is the Skin installed on my mobile?
-After ordering the product, you can see the installation video on the link listed in the package.

Does it offer protection?
-The skin is designed by us to provide scratch protection and trifle. For extra protection you can add a transparent silicone case to your cart

Can I place the skin if I already have a protective glass?
-Of course, we recommend using a glass to protect the screen. Place the glass first and then the skin.

Can I place a case above the skin?
-Of course you can, if you want a transparent case and the new color of your mobile can be made you can add one of our transparent pockets to your cart.

If I remove the skin can I put it back on the mobile?
-Unfortunately, no. Once you remove the smartfit it is not possible to replace it.

Leaves marks as soon as I remove it?
-The skins are designed to leave no mark after their removal.